Company Kisvámház

Meaning of  company name “KisVámHáz”:
=LOW        = low cost
VÁM =СUSTOMS = full export and import services                                               (including    customs clearance)
HÁZ =HOUSE      = in one  place (house)

Superlative Customs clearance!

What we offer:

*Company  Kisvámház BT is an export-import trading company gives a full customs service since 1992, for customers greatest satisfaction.

*Preparing  export-import documents fast, accurately and professionally including the complete customs administration procedure.

* Computer processing of Intrastat reports and comments.

* English, German and Russian language skills.

Our main activity covers Budapest and its surroundings.

We work for companies all over Europe.


Tel / Fax: +36 1 4000-865

Mobile phone: +36 30 9503 337